Dating Merchant Account

Do you run an online dating website? If so you can understand the frustration involved in trying to secure a dating merchant account. Payment processing is not a topic that most businesses tend to dwell on for extended periods of time. Ultimately though it is a vital part of any company that wishes to carry on business without interruption. Without the proper solution, your business can end up paying dearly through high rates, lower sales (or no sales). Putting aside the fact that online dating can be a very profitable venture, it is ultimately viewed as high risk by the acquiring banks due to higher than average occurrences chargebacks. In order to accept payments you will need to locate a specialized bank or processor that offers services that probably won't be made available by your existing bank.

Get Dating Merchant Accounts with IntegriPAY

IntegriPAY is a world-class consultancy that can help you to open dating merchant accounts via one of our domestic or offshore banking partners. This is achieved by leveraging our relationships with over 20 banks and processors from around the globe. Our directors have a ten year track record in assisting card-not-present merchants, and have the expertise to provide you with the best possible service to help your business in meeting its payment processing objectives.

How it Works

Before we set you up with one of our partner banks, we go through a number of steps to zero-in on the bank or banks that are most likely to work with your business. We present you with a rates quote and details for each solution, and once you have indicted your preference, request a number of documents from you to submit to the chosen bank for pre-application. The amount of information required will vary depending on which solution is deemed to best suit your business.

Fees and Charges

Merchants operating in online dating will typically pay rates starting at around 4% (for high volume merchants). In setting your rates, the bank's underwriting department will take into consideration a number of factors including your business category, location, processing history, credit history, existing and expected volume, average sale price etc. In order to secure the best possible rate for your business, we make one request: help us to help you! The more information about your business and background that you can provide to us, the more likely we are to uncover the best possible rates, and save your business money in the long term.

Why IntegriPAY is the Best

The reason that we excel is because our service stands above the rest, and we offer the best range of options for your business. We often come across clients who have had bad experiences with other providers, and we gain great satisfaction from providing them with service that is more friendly and efficient. We've worked with a multitude of merchants to secure an online dating merchant account, so do yourself a favor and contact us today to find out how your business can benefit! For your free, no-obligation quote, please complete the form on the left, and one of our helpful staff will contact you within 24 hours.

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